Turkish traditionals // Party // Reidans

Dügün means party and that means music!
Melike Tarhan is a Belgian singer with Turkish roots. Her voice takes you on an exotic journey and before you know it your feet are moving. Left, right, hand in hand with your neighbour, that’s how easily you learn a Turkish dance. With Melike’s wonderful voice you will soon discover the secrets of Turkish singing. Together, we will build a swinging final concert.
Melike Tarhan has a spectacular career as an artist: she has shared the stage with Gabriel Rios, Eva De Roovere, Lady Linn, etc. Together with her group, she brings the different regions of Turkey to you. Not only with her own songs, but also adaptations of Turkish traditionals. In class, you will work on some of these songs, which will return in the final concert. It will be a real Dügün, that’s for sure!
Performers: Melike Tarhan, Francois Taillefer and Hendrik Braeckman.

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