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At the French label Long Distance, they have a nose for unusual quality and now and then they discover it in our country as well. Melike Tarhan is a Turkish singer from Ghent, who has her own vision on the musical tradition of her ancestors, but is also interested in roots music from other regions, like Europe or Brazil. Much becomes clear already in “Macar”, the opening track of her debut CD. Macar is the name of a boy who has to go to war. One hears about himself, his mother and his lover. It is a reflection on life and death, brought to you emotionally. It is not only Melike’s almost whispering and impressive voice that impresses, but also the arrangements by Pirly Zurstrassen and Osama Abdulrasol. Furthermore, the album impresses with excellently dosed strings, beautiful additional vocals, solid guitar and double bass work, a deliciously growling blas clarinet, oriental kemanche (violin), ney (flute), baglama (long-necked lute) and percussion. It is breathtakingly beautiful at times. The story ends when Macar’s friends come home, but Macar himself doesn’t. The album tells a sad story, but the music is so sensitive that it gives you a blissful feeling. (ADB, De Standaard)

Macar as soundtrack of documentary about the city of Emirdag, made by Skyturk:

Melike Tarhan performs Macar at the COMcerts 2005 with the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dirk Brossé:

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